coley porter bell branding

“I love the fact that you are able to work seamlessly with our designers to make the verbal and visual work powerfully together. You created a revolutionary language to inspire brand ambassadors and everyone else who comes into contact with Chivas Revolve. Your woman-to-woman Kotex brand language supported our award-winning design. Now the whole team speaks Kotex like a native! And you’ve written a lot of our own corporate literature—what better recommendation is there?”

Stephen Bell
Creative Director, Coley Porter Bell

PS: These are some of the clients who’ve loved your work: Virgin, Dulux, Foster’s, Dove, Sensodyne, Cuervo, Benecol, Chivas, Soft & Gentle, Kenco, Macleans, Red Cross, S&A Foods, Hellmann’s, Grattan, Kotex, Aquafresh and (of course) Coley Porter Bell.

“Elise Valmorbida is the most extraordinary writer that I have worked with. Whether the project is corporate, such as the Coley Porter Bell website, or FMCG—such as Macleans or Homebase—Elise always uses words with economy and amazing power. Her words paint pictures. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

David Lightman
Business Development Director, Coley Porter Bell


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